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Closet Review 
  • There is power in your dressing: style, colour and fit.  
  • Establish "law & order" in your wardrobe.  
  • Learn to mix & match outfits and accessories for any occasion.  
  • Gain confidence through your style. 


Beauty and the Brush 
beauty, make-up and hair tips

Professional services which enhance your image

Styling Tips  
  • DVF and Pucci brands - suitable for most body shapes
  • Look younger and richer - just wear trendy accessories; bags, shoes or jewellery
  • Dressing - enhance your good parts and camouflage the not so good ones
  • Colour has the power to balance your body shape
  • Look slimmer, taller and younger through your style, colour & fit
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"Fashion is architecture 
it is a matter of proportions." 
 Coco Chanel

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Shopping Trips & Designer Brands recommendation  

                   DVF  Pucci Marc Jacobs Chloe Cavalli Gucci Armani Missoni  and others