bespoke styling obsessions                       


"there is a butler in Your closet"   

Bespoke Image and Fashion Styling in Action for Individuals and Groups 

Image packages for Women and Men are tailored to reflect an individual style.  We offer Value for Quality.  

          "The difference between style and fashion is quality."  Giorgio Armani

The clothing and accessories used by Deep Vision for individual styling are by international and local designers - offered at 75% discount to Deep Vision clients.  

Labels include DVF, Armani, Pucci, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Cavalli, Gucci, Karen Millen, Wayne Cooper, Camilla and Marc to name a few.  

We recommend designers to suit your body shape, age, personality and profile.  


Be You Express Your Style

You will look amazing ...    you just don't know it yet.

What you will explore:

  • Discover your individual style according to your body shape, your personality and profile
  • Hands-on action on how to style, colour and fit your overall image to reboot and project your signature style
  • Learn to think like a stylist: simple tips the pros use every day;  a mood board, mix & match formula, look taller & slimmer etc
  • Maximise your style: build a closet like the fashion intern, full of clothes you'll actually wear according to your lifestyle & budget
  • Personalised tailoring:  dress to impress and for success for any occasion
  • Become a fashion and style savvy, the STAR of the catwalk
  • Profit from the value of your personal image/Brand


 Gain Confidence - Confidence is Attractive, Seductive - it's YOU

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