August 2005 - Fashion TV Journal  with the circulation in the  UAE

and  Gulf Regions.

September 2005  

Hana Guenzl successfully negotiated interviews with Dubai press, radio and "One Dubai" TV channel and also TV filming of the Austrade-presented, Australian Fashion Showcase in Dubai which included Camilla and Marc label and  Deep Vision Prestige-exhibited designer Jayson Brunsdon.  

September 2005 

The Official Inauguration of the Prestige Fashion Trade Fair 

at the Dubai WTC.

For the first time, an Australian fashion & accessories were invited to exhibit at the 3rd edition Prestige Fine Fashion trade fair in September, 2005, held in Dubai WTC.


Launch an Australian fashion at Prestige and introduction of made in Australia merchandise.  


Dubai based DHL sponsorship for fashion logistic & promotion.  Market & audience pre-trade fair analysis on: cultural and buying behaviour.  Collaboration and alliance with: an Australian press and local regions press & media.   Pre-trade fair promo Branding campaign in the Middle East and Gulf Regions, organising and staging the event.

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August 2005 

Apparel Magazine with the circulation in Australia and New Zealand

Deep Vision is an Image Branding Agency based in Sydney. 

Our passion is to develop a link between the individual and Business Success.

Success is not acquired by inheritance:  it is achieved by belief, vision, design, values, energy, passion and continuous growth.  

The Director, Hana Guenzl is the founder of Bespoke bona-fide Branding  model: Be - Become -Belong - Bond.   

This is delivered via Bespoke Branding programmes which serve as a practical hands-on guide illuminating the untapped potential within You and business.

Accelerate your professional career and your business growth - Become the CEO of the Brand YOU - Be Extraordinary.

"Helping to Discover Your Brand Value and Experience"

Fire up Your Extraordinary Brand;   Create a  meaningful Brand Experience.  

  November/December 2009 - 

The Ruby Connection Westpac website Invitation

January 2009 - Professional Beauty Magazine  Australia,  Asia   

McGrath Foundation Charity 'Spring has arrived…" Event editorial

Hana Guenzl at the launch of the Westpac "Women in Business" event 

 presented the Deep Vision Bespoke Branding segment 

the power of Be - Become -Belong - Bond.  

September 2005 - The Official Catalogue: 

Prestige Fine Fashion Trade Fair features Deep Vision-exhibited Australian designer Jayson Brunsdon. 

Circulation  for the Gulf &  Middle East Regions, and Central Asia


Image and fashion consultant : 

Stylist to selective local and international  customers


 Image and fashion styling to all customers 

at Ussed & Abbussed Department Store

                               Retail Therapy See Ussed & Abbussed website for booking:



Ussed & Abbussed

Hana has been an asset to my growing business.   Her expertise and valued advice has allowed our company to exceed its expectations.

Deep Vision is a luxury, a business you can not go without.  If YOU want to succeed Deep Vision is the answer.   I have no hesitation in

recommending  Deep Vision Images for their impeccable service and  proven  results.

D Russo




Hana was recommended to us by a firm who has used  Deep Vision's services for a number of years.  She comes highly recommended. 

It has proven to be a profitable collaboration and would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone looking

to improve their self worth  or for the growth  and success of any company.

J Thompson



Dubai, UAE

Deep Vision’s stand at Prestige Fine Fashion Trade Fair stirred up interest from Dubai radio, press and TV and the fashion logistics and promotion was sponsored by Dubai based DHL. 

Ms Guenzl has received a personal commendation from Her Excellency the NSW Governor Professor Marie R. Bashir AC.  She stated: .”it seems that you have made an initial positive impact, and I appreciate your comment about the importance of ‘showing a seriousness of creating long-standing business relationships with potential buyers’.  

I applaud the efforts underway, and believe Australian women’s fashion, across the various age groups, should find great acceptability in the region."

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